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4 ta' Marzu 2017
The project Let Us Not Forget was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

You can view the document here

22 ta' Frar 2017
The project 'The Revival of Old Towns and Cities was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme - Europe for Citizens'


Download the full report here.

2 ta' Novembru 2013
Mawra ghall-Akwarju Nazzjonali


11 ta' Ottubru 2013 sas-6 ta' Diċembru 2013
Klassijiet tal-Aerobics

12 ta' Settembru 2013 sal-15 ta' Settembru 2013
The Revival of Old Towns and Cities/ Maritime Senglea International Festival

Poster A3 new (1).jpg

9 ta' Lulju 2013 sat-8 ta' Awwissu 2013
IKIDS Courses

A5 South region (2).jpg

19 ta' Ġunju 2013 sat-30 ta' Ġunju 2013
Taghlim tul il-Hajja

Korsijiet Kunsill_page1.jpg


Poster Page 2.jpg

20 ta' Mejju 2013
Public Dialogue - European Maritime Day 2013

EMD 15062_373007866132430_523531841_n.JPG

19 ta' Mejju 2013 sal-20 ta' Mejju 2013
Activities Open for Public - European Maritime Day

EMD 32350_373518579414692_207701235_n.JPG

17 ta' Mejju 2013
2InS Clusters Training Session - Entrepreneurship 17th May 2013

17th May.jpg

16 ta' Mejju 2013
2InS Clusters Training Session - Entrepreneurship 16th May 2013

16th May.jpg

6 ta' Mejju 2013
Supporting Innovation and Internationalization in the Mediterranean 6th May 2013

16th May.jpg

30 ta' Marzu 2013
Harga ghat-Tfal u Genituri l-Bird Park

Poster Harga l-Bird Park.jpg

20 ta' Marzu 2013 sat-22 ta' Marzu 2013
Tqassim ta' Boroz ta' Skart tar-Riciklat - Distribution of Bags for Recyclable Waste

Recycling Bags.jpeg

9 ta' Marzu 2013
Gheluq tal-Ufficcju tal-Kunsill, is-Sibt 9 ta' Marzu 2013

Closed Office.jpeg.jpeg

10 ta' Frar 2013
Karnival gewwa l-Isla

Karnival 2013.jpg

29 ta' Ottubru 2012
Skopri l-Universita' fit-Tlett Ibliet




28 ta' Ottubru 2012
Kunsill Lokali taz-Zghazagh

Laqgha Zghazagh.jpg

23 ta' Ottubru 2012
Foster Foundation - No matter what colour you are


30 ta' Settembru 2012
Kuncert Muzikali mill-Limassol Municipality Band

Limassol Municpal Band.jpg

14 ta' Settembru 2012 sas-16 ta' Settembru 2012
Maritime Senglea Festival 2012


14 ta' Settembru 2012 sas-16 ta' Settembru 2012
Maritime Senglea Annual Festival - A Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Maritime Senglea Annual Festival.jpg

12 ta' Awwissu 2012 sad-19 ta' Awwissu 2012
European Youth Forum - Summer Camp. European Youth: Freedom to gain cultural knowledge, national identity or cultural dialogue?


3 ta' Awwissu 2012 sas-6 ta' Awwissu 2012
Visit at Fara San Martino (Italy) - Gole e Sapori Annual Festival

Poster 2 - Eng.jpg

3 ta' Awwissu 2012 sas-6 ta' Awwissu 2012
Zjara f' Fara San Martino (Italja) - Il-Festival Annwali Gole e Sapori

Poster 2.jpg

1 ta' Awwissu 2012
Attivita' ghall-Familja gewwa l-Isla - Fondazzjoni ghal Servizzi Edukattivi


11 ta' Lulju 2012
Troffa Hamra Y Los Mechones from Barcelona to Isla

Troffa Hamra.jpg

9 ta' Lulju 2012 sal-20 ta' Lulju 2012
Summer Camp 2012

Summer Camp.JPG

2 ta' Lulju 2012 sal-31 ta' Diċembru 2012
Cirkolari 10/2012

Cirkulari 10.2012.jpg

1 ta' Lulju 2012 sal-31 ta' Awwissu 2012
ikids - A computer & internet course for kids.


25 ta' Ġunju 2012 sal-31 ta' Awwissu 2012
Zumba Fitness


30 ta' Mejju 2012
Indafa fil-Lokalita'

Cirkulari Indafa fil-Lokalita.jpg

30 ta' Mejju 2012
Proposti ta' modifiki f' rotot ezistenti u introduzzjoni ta' rotot godda






30 ta' Mejju 2012
Punti mressqa quddiem Transport Malta dwar is-servizz tat-Trasport Pubbliku

Ilmenti Arriva_0001.jpg


Ilmenti Arriva_0002.jpg

29 ta' Mejju 2012 sat-30 ta' Ġunju 2012
Circular 08/2012 - Cleanliness in the Locality

Cirkulari skart.jpg

4 ta' Mejju 2012 sal-11 ta' Mejju 2012
Jum L-Isla 2012 - EN

Programme Jum L-Isla_0001.jpg

4 ta' Mejju 2012 sal-11 ta' Mejju 2012
Jum L-Isla 2012

Programm Jum L-Isla_0001.jpg

3 ta' Mejju 2012
Punti li hargu mill-Minuti tal-laqgha tal-Kunsill Nru. 2

Punti 03.0.12_0001.jpg


Punti 03.0.12_0002.jpg


Punti 03.0.12_0003.jpg

19 ta' April 2012 sat-30 ta' Ġunju 2012
Indafa fil-Lokalita'

Cirkolari 4.jpg

19 ta' April 2012 sat-30 ta' Ġunju 2012
Skema 'Investi f' Darek'

Cirkulari 6.jpg

16 ta' Marzu 2012 sal-31 ta' Diċembru 2012
Bdil fil-Gbir ta' Skart Separat

Recycled Waste (2).JPG

16 ta' Marzu 2012 sat-13 ta' April 2012
Opportunity offered by the Malta Sail Training Association


28 ta' Ottubru 2011
Press Release Malta October 2011


2Ins Clusters MED Project: the commitment of the partnership involving 7 European territories of the Mediterranean area for the creation of SMEs' Innovation and Internationalization Support Clusters continues

The Steering Committee of the project, supervising the progresses carried out in the project implementation, met on 20th and 21st September 2011.

Isla, Malta, October 28th 2011

The activity of the partnership towards the creation of an international clusters network supporting innovative entrepreneurship goes on in the framework of the 2INS Clusters MED Project (2Ins Clusters - SMEs' Innovation and Internationalization Support Clusters MED Programme 2007-2013).

The 2nd international Steering Committee of the project, organised by the Region of Attika and the Bic of Attika, Lead Partner of the project, held in Lavrio (Greece) on September 20th and 21st 2011, with a rich work schedule. The Components for the implementation of the Project were examined, the progress of the various phases verified and the engagements updated.

15 representatives of the whole partnership attended the meeting: Bic of Attika (Lead Partner), University of Patras, Region of Attika, Sophia Antipolis, Balearic Islands University-Enterprise Foundation (FUEIB), Isla Municipality (Malta). From Italy Sviluppo Basilicata and the Province of Matera were present.

To this day the partners have completed the preliminary analysis on the target territories aimed at identifying the barriers against the development of SMEs' innovation and internationalization, with a particular focus on cultural and creative economy, that is considered as a main field of experimentation for the potential socio-economic development. The analyses investigate not only the socio-economic features of the territories, but also the regional systems fostering innovation and internationalization, and identify the actors facilitating innovation and internationalization in each region.

These analyses are the harbinger for the realization of the ‘2Ins Clusters', designed as tools supporting the knowledge transfer and enterprise development. The ‘2Ins Clusters' will be established within the structures of the partnership and will be based on rules, systems and common tools to promote homogeneous knowledge and quality, oriented towards competitive entrepreneurship. They will be animated by the so-called ‘Facilitators' and by an international network of experts for the collection, processing and reallocation of knowledge, so guaranteeing a harmonized and coordinated action for the effective cooperation of territorial clusters and, consequently, for the respective local systems.

During the meeting, the Committee deepened the curricular aspects of the ‘2In Facilitator' figure, which will be equipped with methodological tools to support innovative and internationalized entrepreneurship.

Each Partner is cooperating to the implementation of these tools in a different way. The realization of the following tools has been scheduled: a Capacity Audit Methodology for enterprises, a Guide for rational Business Planning, a Guide to financial sources and means available for SMEs, a Study concerning the methodology for the planning and the implementation of development strategies.

The process of pilot application will involve, in addition to all partners' structures, a considerable number of actors belonging to all relevant categories, starting from the local level and working and cooperating within international contexts through the realization of a computing, methodological, and organizational platform, whose design is in progress.


2Ins Cluster project has the aim to identify, develop and implement (through a common transnational methodology and joint actions) territorial Clusters supporting SMEs' Innovation and Internationalization (‘2InS Clusters') by involving local stakeholders (enterprises, agencies for knowledge development and dissemination, organizations and structures supporting entrepreneurial culture, internationalization and innovation, governmental agencies, institutes for research and training, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Unions, experts and policy-makers of the sectors identified during the implementation of the project, consulting firms).

The project has been approved by the European Commission in the framework of the MED Programme and implemented, in Malta, by Isla Local Council

Implementation period (3 years: July 2010-July 2013).


13 ta' Ottubru 2011 sas-17 ta' Ottubru 2011
Zarasai Project

logos 2.JPG


Press Release


Europe for Citizens Programme – Network of Twinned Towns


Zarasai – Lithuania


Between the 13 and 17 October 2011 a Council delegation composed by the Vice Mayor Justin John Camilleri, Executive Secretary Arthur Perici, Galeann Calleja - Administration Executive / ESF Project Leader at Easy School of Languages ​​and Kenneth Borg - EU Fund Manager, Tourism & Sustainable Developement Unit OPM, attended for the kick off meeting of the Project Get to Know in Zarasai - Lithuania. This project is managed by the municipality of Zarasai as Lead Partner in conjunction with partners from Mottafollone (Italy), Zdunska Wola (Poland), Balan-Mire (France) and Isla Local Council (Malta). Get to Know is being financed by the European Union under the Europe for Citizens Programme - Network of Twinned Towns.

The purpose of the first phase of the project was to bring together representatives from the five participating countries to discuss 1) agreement on cultural themes, detection of contacts and the development of communication in the field of tourism promotion, 2) organisation of seminars for participants in Zarasai, 3) an overview of ancient traditions, 4) to prepare a plan for further development in the tourism sector along with devising a plan of cooperation (based on development of promotion under the Program of Europe for  Citizens in 2012, 5) to prepare a preliminary plan for a network among the partners for cooperation in the field of tourism. Therefore the representatives from the participating countries together with professionals in the field of tourism held several meetings and workshops during the 13 and 17 October 2011. Several discussions were held on the design of future cooperation for cultural tourism. Two key documents were drawn up, highlighting: a plan of cooperation in tourism between 2012 and 2014 as well as promotion of tourism in light of proposals for funding under various programs of the European Union.

The opening session of the programme was held in the Municipality of Zarasai where opening speeches were addressed by the Deputy Mayor of Zarasai
Mrs. Stase Gostautiene
and Jurgita Kostiakovaite - project manager. Representatives from the participating countries gave presentations dealing with an overview and description on the respective cities and cultural tourism. Executive Secretary Arthur Perici gave the presentation on the locality of Isla. Following the presentations a discussion on what is being expected from this project was held. Amongst the important factors, these results were brought up: to create a network for future collaboration, exchanges of best practices, finding partners for new projects, more information on the participating countries, development of projects for the future and further promotion of the countries involved in the project.

A number of cultural visits were included during the programme where we had to opportunity to visit the Watermill in Slyninka being the prime of Preservation of Cultural Heritage and also the last infrastructural project in Zarasai for 2011, a project under sustainable tourism.

On the second day we had the opportunity to visit touristic sites vis a vie the cultural promotion of Zarasai, including the Multifunctional Centre of Antaliepte, Art Gallery of Dusetos, Horse Racetracks in Didziadvaris. We also met with the community of Baltriskes (Monastery of Tiberiada), we visited The Church of Saint Mary in Salakas, the Visitor Centre of Grazute Regional Park. The evening session was focused on the presentation of cultural integration, having the main aim for each participating country to present a presentation via DVD on Folk Dances and Traditional Music. The scope was to discover similarities and differences within these different cultures. We had the opportunity  to follow a programme of Folk Dancing from one of the Folk Groups in Zarasai.

The third day addressed challenging and interesting discussions and workshops on the preparation of a plan for international cooperation between 2012 and 2014 between the participating countries within the project. Discussions were held on a Marketing Plan in the field of cultural tourism development. This session was led by Rita Mikailiene (Lecturer and Marketing Specialist). Both the Marketing Plan and the International Cooperation Plan will be discussed further and finalised during the second phase of the project in February 2012, where political and strategic planners from the five partner countries will meet to draw up the cultural understanding and the principles for future relationship.

During the year 2012 an interactive game will be organised looking into the contribution of  European citizens for the creation of creativity looking at the development of cultural tourism and the image of future cities. This event will be held during the Senglea Maritime Events in 2012, where amongst us we will have representatives from the city of Zarasai. They will have the opportunity to put up and exhibition (showcasing promotion) on Zarasai and an information stand. In Malta we will draw up an action plan for long-term cooperation between the cities of Isla and Zarasai.

The final event to be held within the Project – Get to Know – will be a summer camp which will bring together 140 youths from Europe between the age of 16 and 36 years. The main scope of this camp will focus on active participation of youths and to gain cultural knowledge, national identity and cultural dialogue.




ZARASAI OCT 2011 027.jpg

15 ta' Settembru 2011 sal-31 ta' Ottubru 2011
Il-Kunsill Lokali taz-Zghazagh




27 ta' Awwissu 2011
Malta Artisan Fair

MALTA ARTISAN FAIRS LOGO senglea - web.jpg


Is-Sibt 27 ta' Awissu 5pm-11pm

Wara is-success tal-Malta Artisan Markets Vittoriosa f'Mejju fil-Couvre Porte, Vittoriosa, il-Malta Artisan Fair li jmiss bil-kooperazzjoni tal-Kunsill Lokali ta' L-Isla ser jinzamm f'belt ohra storika, din id-darba, Senglea. Hemmhekk il-visitaturi ikunu jistghu iduqu min ikel bnin lokali u jiltaqghu ma' dawk li jipproducuh filwaqt li jistghu jixtru u jaraw xoghlijiet ta' arti u snajja.

Dan il-kuncett ta' ‘suq' uniku huwa immirat biex jattira nies ta' l-istess fehma li jhobbu ikel tajjeb u japprezzaw il-gmiel ta' xoghol maghmul bl'idejn biex jiltaqghu f'dan il -lokal storiku. It-tfal ukoll ser ikunu jistghu jippartecipaw u jkunu kreattivi f'parti allokata apposta ghalihom.

Dan ha jkun it-tieni avveniment ta' dan it-tip li The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Co - l-organizzaturi - jisperaw li ser jibda jsir regolari fix-xena lokali, fejn il-Maltin u visitaturi ukoll ikollhom opportunita li jixtru prodotti lokali ta' l-aqwa kwalita dirett mill-produtturi, artisti u nies tas-sengha fejn wiehed jista jduq l-ikel fil-post u jiehu d-dar ikel bnin u genwin filwaqt li l-artisti u nies tas-sengha jistghu juru ix-xoghol taghhom.

L-ghan tal-Malta Artisan Fair huwa li jghin lil dawn il-produtturi u artisti iz-zghar u jinkorraggihom biex ma jaqtghux qalbhom bil-formalitajiet imma jizvilluppaw it-talenti taghhom.

L-artisti u nies tas-sengha ser jinkludu Caroline Said Lawrence, Tessa, Peaches & Cream, Jade Filigree, Marica Boxman, Dragonlord Creations, Omoils, Bizzilla, Rosanne & Rita, Sue Mifsud Ceramics, Prickly Pear Designs min Ghawdex, Bedazzling Jewellery, Dynamic Arts Ltd, Artroom, Haws ID, Hannah Cassar Art, SoapCafé, Kevin Morris, Unearthed Jewellery, Stephanie Borg, Crafts by Marithere, Egg Décor Malta, Laf Art, Dorissa Vella minnIssa, Licenced to Quill, Gem & Crystal Enchantment, Rita Baldacchino, Hilda & Anna Quilting & Patchwork and Design Matters Ltd.

Dawk li jipproducu affarijiet ta' l-ikel u xorb jinkludu My Little Treats, With Love from our Kitchen, Eatmania, Mummies Yummies, Dorianne Kurtcu-Mifsud, Verdalat, Kopin Malta, Bahrija Oasis, Compass Rose Marketing, Divine Importers & Distributors, Truly Scrumptious.

Jekk trid tkun taf izjed dwar il-Malta Artisan Fairs zur is-sit elettroniku u inghaqad maghna fuq Facebook.

Malta Artisan Fair Senglea

Saturday 27th August 5pm-11pm

Following the successful Malta Artisan Markets Vittoriosa held last May at Couvre Porte in Vittoriosa, the next Malta Artisan Fair in conjunction with Isla (Senglea) Local Council will be held in another beautiful historic city across the water in Senglea. Shoppers will be able to taste an array of delicious local delicacies and meet the food producers while also shop for unique arts and crafts on the evening.

This unique ‘market' concept is set to be THE meeting place for like minded people who enjoy good food and appreciate beautiful handmade wares to gather and socialise in a fabulous historic setting. Kids will also be able to be creative on the evening with an area set up for arts and crafts.

This will be the second event of what The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Co organisers hope will become a regular feature on the local scene, giving both locals and foreigners the opportunity to buy authentic locally made high quality, affordable products direct from carefully selected food producers, artists and craftspeople. The market aims to serve as Malta's only authentically local market allowing shoppers to taste the food on site and take home some of the best food you will find anywhere in Malta while also serving as an excellent showcase and selling point for local artists and craftspeople who are creating unique pieces.

The Malta Artisan Fair aims to assist small scale producers and artists and encourage enterprising people to come forth and not be put off by the red tape but to help encourage their passion and enthusiasm of their specific talents.

Artists and craftspeople on the day will include Caroline Said Lawrence, Tessa, Peaches & Cream, Jade Filigree, Marica Boxman, Dragonlord Creations, Omoils, Bizzilla, Rosanne & Rita, Sue Mifsud Ceramics, Prickly Pear Designs from Gozo, Bedazzling Jewellery, Dynamic Arts Ltd, Artroom, Haws ID, Hannah Cassar Art, SoapCafé, Kevin Morris, Unearthed Jewellery, Stephanie Borg, Crafts by Marietherese, Egg Décor Malta, Laf Art, Dorissa Vella minnIssa, Licence to Quill, Gem & Crystal Enchantment, Rita Baldacchino, Hilda & Anna Handmade Quilting & Patchwork and Design Matters Ltd.

Food and Drink Producers on the day will include My Little Treats, With love from our Kitchen, Eatmania, Mummies Yummies, Truly Scrumptious, Dorianne Kurtcu-Mifsud, Verdalat, Kopin Malta, Bahrija Oasis, Compass Rose Marketing, Divine Importers & Distributors.

For more news on upcoming Malta Artisan Fairs visit and become a fan on Facebook.





17 ta' Ġunju 2011 sad-19 ta' Ġunju 2011
Senglea Marittima 2011


17 ta' Ġunju 2011 sad-19 ta' Ġunju 2011
Senglea Marittima 2011



Senglea Marittima 2011


Senglea Marittima 2011 organised by the Isla local Council will be held on 17-18-19 June, 2011, at limelight locations within Isla. The council organises the festival to safeguard the town’s socio-historical and cultural heritage while raises awareness of the potential of the locality, which can be developed further. Thanks to its fortifications, historic buildings, living history and strong links with the sea, there is so much that can be discovered in Senglea. Thus the audience will embark on a voyage of discovery.


A focal point of activities will actually be the unique Macina, which will host static exhibitions, audio-visual displays, lectures and performances over three days. On Friday night the main church’s square will revive the Knight’s era through the ambience and happenings purposely set up for the festival. The main square (4th September Square) and its surroundings will depict the pre World War II culture and environment; the re-enacted World War II fear and destruction; and the post war slow battered regeneration. The latter will be re-lived by the audience.


Saturday, 18th June is jam-packed with different activities as from the morning including displays, re-enactments, parades, band marches, exhibitions and more. Along this day Senglean entities and the past EDEN award-winning localities including Nadur, Santa Lucia Hamlet of Kercem and Mellieha will be participating with street and corner arts from the centre right down towards the seafront.


The final morning and afternoon (Sunday 19 June, 2010) will be entirely dedicated to marine activities, water sports and displays, and the renown Macina re-enactment at the Macina itself and its waterfront surroundings.  


For more information call 21662424 / 27013004 or email


















29 ta' April 2011 sal-31 ta' Mejju 2011


Have you ever heard the phrase reduce, reuse and recycle. I am sure that most of you have heard it! But not everyone that has heard it realises its importance.  Unfortunately our planet is suffering from Global Warming, which can cause disasters all around the World. So if you care about the World we live in, our home , please start living by the phrase Reduce , Reuse and Recycle. This phrase not only applies to Global warming but applies also to pollution which is causing asthmatic problems  especially to children. You may be asking the question, Why does it reduce pollution and Global Warming? It reduces pollution because if you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the objects in your everyday life, less manufacturing will be needed thus less carbon emissions will be let out into the air and the ozone layer will start to repair itself.


We also need to save water ! I urge you to turn your water taps off when not in use and maybe to upgrade to non drip taps at your home. We also could think about inventing a way how we could save rain water and use it to our advantage. A very important thing we must know become aware of is Saving Electricity. I urge all the Maltese people to unplug things that are not in use at the moment. When we don’t unplug them they are still making use of electricity. Thus I propose another phrase you should live under and this is the phrase switch off ! flick off! You can also install photovoltaic cells on your roof that help lower the consumption of energy and electricity!


Thus I conclude that if you love yourself, your family, your friends, the whole human race and our mother the Planet Earth, then SAVE ENERGY !!!



9 ta' April 2011 sas-17 ta' April 2011
Twinning Fara San Martino



Press Release


Fara San Martino, Italy European Cultural Week


Town Twinning with the City of Isla (MALTA)


The community of Fara San Martino welcomed the Mayor of the city of Isla (Malta), Joseph Casha, accompanied by a delegation of 64 citizens, between the 9th and 17th April 2011 during a Town Twinning Citizens’ Meeting leading to the official Twinning between the two localities.


Through the Europe for Citizens’ programme, the EACEA (the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, an agency belonging to the European Commission whom is responsible for European’s programmes in Cultural and Audiovisual sectors) with a European Programme for the citizens, financed such project.


The representatives of the Senglean Community spent 8 days in Fara San Martino whereby they participated in a number of activities and conferences planned to reinforce the relationships between the two communities and officialize the twinning with the aim to build a long lasting and sustainable relationship.


Municipalities started their relationship in 2004 when they meet at the Convention “Identity and Difference” held in Fara S. Martino. There they discovered a common cultural heritage rooted in the art of the Dutch painter, Maurits Cornelis Escher who, during his lifetime, traveled and worked in the two cities.


The collaboration continued to reinforce in 2009 where a delegation from Fara San Martino participated actively during a Town Twinning Citizens’ Meeting organized in Malta by the Isla Local Council. The conference ended with a signed joint declaration by both Mayors together with four other Mayors from other Italian Communities, to continue this reciprocal collaboration and to get to know each other better for a lifelong collaboration.


The 2011 Town Twinning Citizens’ Meeting focused on the involvement of the local organisations operating in a civil and active society. Conference themes and Workshops addressed: Active European Citizens’, Intercultural Dialogue and Multilingualism, Social Problems and Sports Activities for a better Health and Social Inclusion. The main theme was the environmental voluntary sector, disability, sport and education, in line with the 2011 European year dedicated to the voluntaries.



Sengleans had also the possibility to understand better the Italian Language through sessions held to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.

A number of cultural events have been included in the programme; traditional crafts and skills exhibition. At the same time invited participants have been involved in the everyday life of the local community to make them feel temporary citizens and not simply tourists. They visited the local centre for pensioners and disabled people and other associations including the centre for environmental education.


This Twinning will maintain permanent relations not only between the two Municipalities, but especially among our respective people in order to ensure a better mutual understanding aimed at developing a sense of being part of Europe.


Thus it is the intention of both parties to embark on new opportunities offered through Europe for Citizens’ for the continuation of future European Projects. Through the set-up of such networking between the Twinned Municipalities, we are looking into the involvement of Community First, thus addressing future projects within EACEA and other EU Programmes.


The activities were held at the Centro Congressi of Hotel del Camerlengo whereby on Saturday 16th April an official signing ceremony of the Twinning Agreement was held and both Mayors swear fraternity.




15 ta' Marzu 2011
PRESS RELEASE Malta March 2011





PRESS RELEASE – Malta March 2011

The Isla Local Council and SMEs’ Internationalization Support Clusters – The Isla LC and the 2InS Clusters Project


The 2InS Clusters transnational project for the creation of clusters supporting innovation and internationalisation of SMEs has started (2Ins Clusters - SMEs’ Innovation and Internationalization Support Clusters MED Programme 2007-2013).


The goals of the Project, that has been approved by the European Commission within MED Programme and implemented by the Isla Local Council, are to identify, develop and implement (through a common methodology and transnational joint actions) Territorial clusters supporting innovation and internationalisation of SMEs (“2InS Clusters”) by involving local stakeholders.


2InS aims in creating a coherent mechanism for developing and operating competent, viable Territorial level Collaborative Platforms (“SMEs’ Innovation and Internationalization Support Clusters”-2InS Clusters), involving local key-Actors of all critical fields and levels; the emphasis will be placed on Organizations/Structures supporting Knowledge Transfer and development of Entrepreneurship, and on corresponding Governmental Agencies, which will be called upon to establish synergetic interventions based on common rules, systems and tools, in favour of knowledge-based, quality orientated and competitive entrepreneurship.  The 2InS Clusters will cooperate in the frame of a Transnational Expert Network, which will act as a powerful means for collection, processing and re-distribution of knowledge, providing also for coordinated and harmonized action and effective cooperation among the Clusters and –consequently- their local systems.


The first Steering Committee of the project, organized by Sviluppo Basilicata in the Sassi of Matera, took place on 25th and 26th January with the aim to boost a strong interconnection among the partners for the start up and the implementation of the first activities of each component and work phase.

About 20 representatives of the whole partnership (EC Business and Innovation Centre of Attika (Lead Partner), UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS - DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Region of Attica, CCIMP Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille, Antipolis Innovation Campus, SVILUPPO BASILICATA SPA, Province of Matera, University-Enterprise of the Balearic Islands Foundation (FUEIB), Isla Local Council of Malta were present. In addition to the wok session, the  meeting allowed to known the UNESCO site not only from an architectural point of view, but also as a potential attractor of productivity and employment (the partners had the chance to visit the Cultural Incubator that is going to be launched to host cultural enterprises initiatives).


7 Clusters will be established at each partner’s premises, and will base their operation on common rules and tools, such as an integrated management system, methodological instruments concerning business internationalisation and technology transfer together with the relevant computer applications, and will supply integrated support, consultancy and capacity building to pilot SMEs within the territorial areas of the development partnership.


The project will involve companies; agencies for the development and the dissemination of knowledge; organisations and structures supporting entrepreneurship, internationalisation and innovation among SMEs; government agencies; research and training centres; Chambers of Commerce; trade unions; experts and policy makers in the fields that will be identified during the project’s  implementation; consultancy companies.


According to Joseph Casha, Mayor of Isla Local Council,

these projects have the aim to disseminate the results and the awareness among regional structures and trade associations, with a special regard to the activities implemented by the other European States towards enterprise development.

Among the prerequisites for SMEs’ success, the main are the access to structured knowledge processes, innovation and internationalisation dissemination and transfer; therefore the creation of the envisaged structures (2InSClusters) at a local level with the figures of facilitators (“2InS facilitators") can ensure the necessary support for innovation and internationalization of SMEs as real "SMEs mentors”, starting from territorial level, acting and working within international contexts through a methodological and organizational platform that must prove clear, rational and organized in terms of operation and sustainability.

The 2InS mechanism, indeed, aims to transfer the knowledge process as a complementary factor for the sustainable development and the competitiveness of SMEs’ and for the use of local partnerships as a potentially powerful mean to support SMEs’ innovation and internationalization.



The project is implemented by 9 partners coming from 5 different countries of the Mediterranean area: Greece (Attika Region and West Greece), France (Provence – Alpes – Cote d’Azur), Italy (Basilicata), Spain (Balearic Islands) and Isla (Malta).



22 ta' Frar 2011 sat-23 ta' Frar 2011
Sustainable Living Agenda 2010

Isla Poster 2.jpg

18 ta' Novembru 2010 sal-21 ta' Novembru 2010
Attivitajiet b' Risq il-Malta Community Chest Fund

attivitajiet Community chest fund 2010.jpg

5 ta' Ġunju 2010 sas-6 ta' Ġunju 2010
Festival Marittimu Senglea
The Senglea Maritime Festival

The Senglea Maritime Festival

The Senglea Maritime Festival

The Senglea Maritime Festival

17 ta' Mejju 2009
Cultural Activities by Local Councils

As part of the Scheme for Cultural Activities by Local Councils issued in December 2008 by the Central Government the Isla Local Council forwarded its proposal to hold a National Event entitled “Senglea Maritime Festival”. The Isla (Senglea) Local Council in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary for Public Dialogue and Information, will be holding  “The Senglea Maritime Festival” on Sunday, 17th May, 2009 between 10.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs alongside the Promenade at Xatt Juan B. Azopardo from Macina Bastion to Senglea Point. Amongst the attractions one can find – Lifting Ship’s Mast (Macina), Naval Base, Re-enactment, Maritime Exhibitions, Art, Fishing Competition, Band Marches, Traditional Folk Singing and Music, Dghajsa/Guided Tours, Boat Yard, Abseiling, Canoeing and much more. Also one can enjoy Boat Trips around the Grand Harbour. The Festival focuses on Preservation of local traditions related with the Maritime History in Senglea, Involvement of the general public during the activities being held throughout the day, Visits to a number of Historical Places, Entertainment for the Family, Involvement of European Cities - with whom the Isla Local Council has twinning agreements or partnerships.

The Senglea Maritime Festival

Boat Trips with return from Valletta and Birgu (Vittoriosa) to Isla (Senglea) will be running from 10.00 am onwards. Public Transport will be running throughout the day by taking Bus No. 3.
A good number of restaurants and kiosks will be open all day alongside the promenade, where one can enjoy a snack, take away food and lunch with the family.

This activity is being generated with the financial support of the Isla Local Council and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Public Dialogue and Information and is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, MTA, Heritage Malta, Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, Cassar Ship Repair Ltd, Malta Shipyards, Grand Harbour Marina (Vittoriosa) and Air Malta plc.

17 ta' Mejju 2009
Cultural Activities by Local Councils
The Senglea Maritime Festival

Download Programme of Events in pdf format here. PDF Acrobat Reader needed to view Document.

8 ta' Mejju 2007
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Quddies ta' Radd il-Ħajr
6.00pm - Quddies ta' Radd il-Ħajr fil-Bażilika ta' Marija Bambina L-Isla

Marċ mill-Iscouts
7.00pm - Marċ mill-Iscouts

Programm ta' l-Għeluq
8.00pm - Taħt it Tinda f'Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru jibda' programm letterarju li jġib fi tmiem tagħhom dawn iċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet.

7 ta' Mejju 2007
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Sports Day
11.00am - Din il-ġurnata tiftaħ bi Sports Day għall-istudenti tal-iskola Primarja ta' l-Isla. Din ser tinżamm f'Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru u l-ġenituri u l-familjari ta' l-istudenti huma mistiedna jattendu biex jinkoraġġixxu lill-istudenti.

Serata Mużikali mill-Allievi
8.00pm - Dan il-jum jagħlaq bi programm mużikali mill-Allievi tal-Każin tal-Banda 'La Vincitrice' taħt id-direzzjoni tas-Surmast Brian Cassar. Dan il-programm ser jittellgħa taħt it-Tinda f'Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru.

Dħul mingħajr ħlas u kulħadd huwa mistieden jattendi.

6 ta' Mejju 2007
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Ir-Regatta u l-Futbol fl-Isla
9.30am - It-Tielet jum ta' attivitajiet ser jiftaħ b'diskussjonijiet dwar il-passat ta' gieħ ta' dawn iż-żewġ dixxiplini sportivi fl-Isla. Veterani sportivi ser jiġu mistiedna biex taħt it-Tinda f'Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru jirrakkuntaw l-esperjenzi tagħhom. Imexxu l-programm Joe Seracino fil-qasam tar-Regatta u Salvu Lanzon fil-qasam tal-futbol. Fl-inħawi se jkunu armati imwejjed u siġġijiet fejn wieħed ikun jista' joqgħod bil-qiegħda jisma' u fl-istess ħin jixrob flixkun birra u jnaqqar xi ikel. Waqt id-diskussjonijiet se jkun hemm l-Ghana Spirtu Pront. Il-pubbliku se jkollu l-okkażjoni li jsegwi parata ta' karozzi tal-epoka.

Dħul mingħajr ħlas u kulħadd huwa mistieden jattendi.

Treasure Hunt
2.00pm - L-attivitajiet ta' din il-ġurnata jkomplu bi Treasure Hunt ġewwa l-Isla. Qed nistiednu lil kulħadd jieħu sehem f'din l-avventura, tfal, żagħżagħ, u ġenituri. Ir-rebbieħa ser jigħataw premju.

Dawk kolla nteressati jieħdu sehem fit-Treasure Hunt jistgħu jiksbu l-Informazzjoni u japplikaw mill-Kunsill lokali ta' l-Isla. M'hemm l-ebda' ħlas għal min jieħu sehem.

Lejla Maltija
6.00pm - L-attivitajiet ta' din il-ġurnata jiġu fi tmiemhom b'Lejla Maltija li se tittllgħa taħt it-Tinda f'Misraħ 4 ta' Settembru.

Ikun hemm xorb u ikel għall kulħadd.

Kantanti li ħa jattendu: -

  1. Tarcisio u Christy Barbara
  2. Alana Bondin
  3. Klinsmann and Band
  4. Kaley Coleiro
  5. Stephanie Tanti
  6. Albertin
  7. Charlie Attard
  8. Annabel
  9. Adriana Mifsud

Jieħdu sehem ukoll:

  1. Tonio Vella (il-Majsi)
  2. Fabien Scerri De Carlo (Gawdenz)

Dħul mingħajr ħlas u kulħadd huwa mistieden jattendi.

5 ta' Mejju 2007
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Espressjoni ta' Talent
9.00am - It-Tieni jum ta' attivitajiet se jiftaħ b'attivita' li tinkludi Espressjoni ta' Talent. Din ser issir taħt it-Tinda ġewwa Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru. Matul l-attivita' n-nies tal-lokalita' qed jiġu mistiedna juru xogħol artiġanali jew snajja tradizzjonali tagħhom, kif ukoll kif jinħadem ix-xogħol. Tfal li jattendu l-Librerija Pubblika tal-Lokal se jesebixxu x-xogħol li ħejjew fl-okkażjoni ta' Jum l-Omm. Studenti mill-Iskola Primarja tal-Lokal ser jesprimu l-ħsieb tagħhom dwar l-Isla permezz tat-tpinġija. Numru ta' artisti stabbiliti ser imuku qegħdin ipittru fil-Misraħ.

Il-Kunsill qed jistieden lill Pubbliku jieħu sehem f'din l-attivita'.

Parata u Re-Enactment
7.00pm - It-Tieni jum ta' attivitajiet jiġi fit-tmiem tigħu permezz ta' żewġ attivitajiet le se jseħħu madwar it-toroq ta l-Isla. Ikun hemm parata mill-Iscouts segwita minn re-enactment imtellgħa mill- Awtorita' Maltija tat-Turiżmu.

Akta informazzjoni dwar din l-attivita' tinkiseb mill-Kunsill Lokali ta' L-Isla

4 ta' Mejju 2007
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta Jum l-Isla

Serata ta' Tifkiriet
8.00am - Taħt it-Tinda li ser tiġi armata għal dawn iċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet f'Misraħ l-4 ta' Settembru, ser tittellgħa Serata ta' Tifkiriet, fejn veterani Sengleani ser jirrakuntaw il-passat glorjuż ta' Beltna. matul is-serata ser jintwerew filmati u ritratti ta' l-Isla fil-passat u l-grajjiet li għaddiet minnhom din il-Belt. Ser imexxi s-Serata Charles Coleiro. Il-programm jinkludi zfin mill-grupp Dance 2000, bil- koreografija ta' Coleiro Buhagiar.

Dħul mingħajr ħlas u kulħadd huwa mistieden jattendi.

27 ta' Lulju 2006 sat-3 ta' Awwissu 2006
Tour ta residenti ġewwa Cassino u Abruzzo, Italja

23 ta' Lulju 2006
Ġurnata Splash & Fun għaż-żgħażagħ

20 ta' Lulju 2006
Ġurnata Għawdex

8 ta' Lulju 2006 sas-17 ta' Lulju 2006
Mawra ta żgħażagħ ġewwa Cassino, Italja.

1 ta' Lulju 2006 sal-31 ta' Awwissu 2006
Senglea Summer Club 2006 Teatru fl-Edukazzjoni.

29 ta' Ġunju 2006 sal-1 ta' Frar 706
Weekend Break - Grand Hotel Mercure San Antoio - Qawra

7 ta' Mejju 2006
Ġurnata għaż-żgħażagħ ġewwa Paradise Bay Hotel, Cirkewwa

6 ta' Mejju 2006
Kompetizzjoni Nbid fil-Gardjola

5 ta' Mejju 2006
Attivita' edukattiva mil-puluzija fix-xatt

4 ta' Mejju 2006
Attivita Anzjani u Familji, ħarġa u ikla fir-Riviera Complex.

9 ta' Frar 2006 sat-12 ta' Frar 2006
Weekend Break - Grand Hotel Mercure Coralia San Antonio - Qawra

7 ta' Ottubru 2005 sal-11 ta' Ottubru 2005
Delegazzjoni Taljana minn Abruzzo gewwa l-Isla

11 ta' Frar 2005 sal-14 ta' Frar 2005
Week End Break - Grand Hotel Mercure Coralia San Antonio - Qawra

31 ta' Diċembru 2004
Pantomima għat-Tfal - Valletta

30 ta' Diċembru 2004
Festin għat-Tfal (3 sa 6 snin) - Sala Kunsill Lokali Isla

29 ta' Diċembru 2004 sal-1 ta' Jannar 2005
Żjarat lill-Anzjani li ma joħorġux mid-dar

23 ta' Diċembru 2004
Rigal lill-Anzjani, 2004 - Emotions Club, San Ġiljan (Paceville)

13 ta' Diċembru 2004 sad-19 ta' Diċembru 2004
Bazaar - Misraħ 4 ta' Settembru, Isla

22 ta' Novembru 2004 sas-27 ta' Diċembru 2004
Fitness Kors għan-Nisa - Sala Kunsill Lokali Isla

19 ta' Novembru 2004 sat-22 ta' Novembru 2004
Week End Break - Grand Hotel Mercure Coralia San Antonio

27 ta' Ottubru 2004
Coffee Morning - Sala Kunsill Lokali Isla

7 ta' Ottubru 2004 sas-17 ta' Ottubru 2004
Festival ta' Bliet Storiċi

Matul dawn l-aħħar snin l-Awtorita Maltija għat-Turiżmu organizzat diversi Festivals fl-lokalitajiet differenti ta' Malta.

L-għan li għalih din l-Awtorita torganizza dawn il-festivals huwa biex torganizza attivita' kulturali ta' livell professjonali bl-aċċenn fuq l-istorja u l-folklore marbuta mal-lokalita', attivita' li tkun apprezzata kemm mill-Maltin kif ukoll mill-barranin.

Il-Kunsill ta' l-Isla ħass li dan huwa proġett utli ħafna għal belt bħal ma' hija tagħna li għandha ħafna x'toffri f'dak li huwa talent, bini storiku u storja. Għaldaqstant ma' baqgħax lura u ħa sehem impenjattiv billi ġurnata mill-programm imtella' mill-Awtorita Maltija għat-Turiżmu kien imtella' ġewwa l-Isla. Din il-ħidma saret bil-kollaborazzjoni sħiħa ta' dan il-Kunsill.

10 ta' Awwissu 2004
Ġurnata Għawdex

21 ta' Lulju 2004 sas-26 ta' Lulju 2004
Konferenza "Identity & Difference" Comune di Goriano Sicoli (Abruzzo)

Il-Kunsill Lokali Isla ġie mistieden mill-Comune di Goriano Sicoli fir-Reġġjun ta' l-Abruzzo l-Italja, biex jipparteċipa f'din il-konferenza Internazzjonali bit-tema "L-Identita u d-Differenza - Id-Diversi Kulturi bħala Identifikazzjoni Ewropeja".

Din il-konferenza nżammet f'Abruzzo l-Italja bejn il-21 u s-26 ta' Lulju, 2004. Għal din il-konferenza l-Kunsill kien irrapreżentat mis-Sindku Joseph Casha u miż-żewġ Kunsillieri Mario Mizzi u Reno Chircop flimkien mas-Sinjura Elizabeth Grech (staff)u mis-sinjuri Fabian Mangion, Joseph Abela, Arthur Perici u Stephania Vella fejn ipparteċipaw b'diskorsi u anke xi slides fuq l-Isla.

L-erbgħa pajjiżi l-oħra li ħadu sehem f'din il-Konferenza flimkien ma' Malta kienu Spanja, l-Olanda, Franza u l-Italja. Għalkemm dawn il-pajjiżi għandhom id-diversi kulturi tagħhom, dawn għandhom wirt kulturali komuni bix-xogħol li għamel u ħalla l-artist Daniz M. C. Escher.

L-għan ta' din il-konferenza kien li b'xiehda ta' dan ix-xogħol minn dan l-artist Daniz issaħħaħ il-wirt identiku kulturali f'viżjoni Ewropeja. Din l-integrazzjoni fuq bażi kulturali turi biċ-ċar kif bliet kbar jistgħu jiltaqgħu ma' Muniċipalitajiet żgħar bħal dak ta' l-Isla jistgħu jitħalltu ma' popolazzjoni akbar minnhom fuq bażi kulturali.

Għal din il-Konferenza ġew mistiedna wkoll membri parlamentari Ewropej, Reġġjonali, kif ukoll diversi Sindki u Kunsillieri ta' Muniċipalitajiet f'Abruzzo. Il-kunsill ta' l-Isla permezz tad-delegazzjoni tiegħu ħa sehem attiv f'din il-Konferenza billi ppreżentaw il-Kultura ta' l-Isla permezz ta' slides dwar il-postijiet li fuqhom l-artist M. S. Escher għamel xi pitturi.

Fl'egħluq ta' din il-Konferenza il-Muniċipalitajiet li ħadu sehem f'din il-Konferenza (madwar 12 fosthom l-Isla) iffirmaw protokol bil-għan li din il-koperazzjoni li bdiet f'Abruzzo tikber u tissaħħaħ aktar fi proġetti reċiproki fil-futur.

15 ta' Lulju 2004 sat-18 ta' Lulju 2004
Week End Break - Calypso Hotel, Gozo

14 ta' Ġunju 2004 sal-25 ta' Awwissu 2004
Fitness Kors ghan-Nisa - Sala Kunsill Lokali Isla

21 ta' Mejju 2004 sat-23 ta' Mejju 2004
Week End Break - Sol Suncrest Hotel

8 ta' Mejju 2004
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Lejla Maltija - Gnien il-Gardjola, Isla

5 ta' Mejju 2004
Parti mill-Attivitajiet ta' Jum l-Isla

Coffee Morning - Sol Suncrest Hotel

24 ta' Marzu 2004
Coffee Morning - Sunny Coast Resort

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